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How to Increase Sales with Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Marketing experts are no longer relying on past tactics to help their clients. These days, they are all using great explainer videos to boost conversions, sales and more business for their clients. The explainer videos are being utilized to stay in line with the fast paced society we are presently living in. Technological advancements, mobile device usage and other trends show the impact videos are having on how people view information. It is part of the reason marketing companies, startups, businesses and individuals are using whiteboard explainer videos. Animated explainer videos have astronomical success on several fronts for those who implement and use them properly.

Countless of companies have experienced business growth, sales and revenue by almost 40% in some cases. In others, the numbers are even higher. Additionally, most consumers who buy something do so after viewing a well-made explainer video. The number of those which purchase a product or service after viewing one is over 92%. This clearly demonstrates how your brand or company can benefit from using a whiteboard or animated explainer videos. Besides all of these gains, there are countless of other benefits to using an explainer video. Deploying any of these can increase your conversion and sales significantly.

Keep The Visitors Engaged

An explainer video is almost a guaranteed way to keep a visitor on your site engaged. They are proven to work since people love them. Most users searching for information will skim through text or written content. However, when the information they are searching for is delivered via an explainer video, they remain engaged. The audio visual adverts are renowned for their proclivity to keep a viewer entertained. They instantly grab the attention of the viewer all the way to the end. Since most of the best whiteboard explainer videos have a call-to-action at the end, that leads to increased in sales.

Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

A sure way to increase sales using a whiteboard explainer video is by taking advantage of their high ROI. Today, there are hundreds of companies who experienced increased conversion rates on their sites after using an explainer video. These businesses all saw their conversion rates go anywhere between 13% to 200%. The ultimate common denominator in all of them was that the video was of high quality and well made. When a whiteboard explainer video shows the problem and delivers a solution to the viewer, the results are astronomical. Most people who watch an explainer video end up making a purchase right after.

Simple And Easy To Understand

People seek and obtain information differently. While some individuals may not have a problem with reading text, others do. Utilizing an explainer video eliminates many of these issues. Audio visuals are simple to understand and easy to follow. It’s one of the things which makes them so popular. Companies with difficult to understand platforms, products or services adore them for that reason. Whiteboard explainer videos allow them to explain all about their brand in an easy to follow method. Unlike text information that can be misinterpreted, videos are clear.

Sharing The Videos

Explainer videos are a must have in a world where people love to share things on social media. You can use them to promote your product or brand on sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. But, more importantly, people who find your explainer videos useful will often share them with others themselves. In many cases, an explainer video has gone viral after being shared on social media. That has led to some companies or individuals rising to the top in sales, website visitors and conversions. Plus, each time a person shares your whiteboard explainer video, your brand becomes more popular. That renders brand awareness which is extremely important to sales.

Too Many Benefits To Ignore

Increase in sales and conversions from using whiteboard explainer videos can be attributed to the pitch. In the world of sales, the pitch is everything. A great explainer video allows a company to push their brand or services at an accelerated pace. In a well explained animated audio visual commercial, a company can provide a ton of information to the viewers in a short amount of time. Potential clients can be given a substantial amount of benefits and solutions to their problems. All you have to worry about is making sure you utilize the time you spend providing that info wisely.

Perhaps the best way a whiteboard explainer video allows you to increase sales is due to the personal touch. Unlike other forms of content, a great explainer video will connect with your audience instantly. People become engaged and the trust level for your brand is increased as they watch it. Some companies use funny animated explainer videos to accomplish this. A bit of humor can make the viewer immediately find common ground with your brand.

Whether you are looking to gain more sales, conversions, visitors, brand recognition or a combination of all, an explainer video can do it for you. Once you use it for your landing page or anywhere on your site, your online visibility and credibility will increase. Because of that reason and so many others, animated or whiteboard explainer videos are the best marketing tool you can use. When done correctly, a whiteboard animated product explainer video will boost your sales and conversions rates dramatically.

The question isn’t whether or not the explainer video will work, it is about making sure your particular audio visual ad delivers. If you can have a video creation company such as SquareShip make a great explainer video for you, then your sales will increase (visit for a lost fo the best explainer videos). Or you can choose to make the animated whiteboard explainer video yourself. Some companies choose to hire someone online. In the end, what matters is that the video is done properly and that it delivers your message successfully.

A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing

While social media has been dominating the virtual marketplace, email is still every digital entrepreneur’s sanctuary. With the countless tweets, shares, status updates, and likes; many people yearn for the simplicity of using email. Yes, an email campaign still makes up the success of every brand. While this is very basic amongst companies, a lot of people are still in the dark on how to effectively run a successful email campaign.

Social media is making a lot of noise yet emails still provide that seamless functionality that a brand can’t do without. While chat messengers have become an easy and instant way to communicate with family, friends, and even business connections, most entrepreneurs still stick to the no-fuss yet efficient mode of sending and receiving emails.

If you are starting out an enterprise or in the middle of an email campaign, you would need to start somewhere more concrete and fast. Here’s a beginner’s guide to email marketing that you can use today:

  • Build your email list. Before you can grow a sizeable email list, you would first need to ask for permission. You can’t just spam people with emails because that is not a good way to do initiate business at all. There are many legit ways to obtain email addresses. It boils down to good copywriting skills and timing. You would of course need a catchy call to action and a strong sales copy that will help them opt in. It is important that you know the purpose for asking for email addresses. People don’t just give away their own email address which is why you need to be brilliant and creative with getting them to leave their email addresses. You can entice them with lead magnets like free downloads, ebooks, coupons, consultations, or whitepapers. This definitely works like a gem each time.
  • Set expectations and meet them. If you started with a strong call to action, then you would need to do consistent follow-ups. Autoresponders can help you build consistency in this arena. If you promised your subscribers daily updates then you need to meet their expectations or else your email campaign is bound to fail.
  • Pitch on cue. Amazon is an expert on providing their users value depending on user behavior and activity. They don’t send out offers blindly instead they send newsletters or promotions depending on user preference. If you want to pitch or do that sales talk, you should send out offers that are relevant to users.
  • Analytics and segmentation. It is important to track subscriber response to your email. The three important analytics that you have to check regularly are the following: open rate, unsubscribes, and click-through rate. Your open rate will reveal a lot about your level of relationships and engagement with subscribers. The click-through rate also shows a lot about whether your advertising copies are targeted enough or would need tweaking. The unsubscribes will determine whether you are doing your email campaign right or would need some improvement. Lastly, you would need to segment or divide your list to provide them targeted communications depending on their needs and preferences.

To get started with an email marketing campaign, you would need two things – an opt-in form and an email marketing service. Your opt-in form should be simple yet compelling enough so that it converts. Proper placement is key to targeted conversions. Email marketing has been an indispensable tool for many businesses. Your email list is packed with value and with the right email campaign in place, the costs for growing your email list will eventually pay for itself.

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