A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing

While social media has been dominating the virtual marketplace, email is still every digital entrepreneur’s sanctuary. With the countless tweets, shares, status updates, and likes; many people yearn for the simplicity of using email. Yes, an email campaign still makes up the success of every brand. While this is very basic amongst companies, a lot of people are still in the dark on how to effectively run a successful email campaign.

Social media is making a lot of noise yet emails still provide that seamless functionality that a brand can’t do without. While chat messengers have become an easy and instant way to communicate with family, friends, and even business connections, most entrepreneurs still stick to the no-fuss yet efficient mode of sending and receiving emails.

If you are starting out an enterprise or in the middle of an email campaign, you would need to start somewhere more concrete and fast. Here’s a beginner’s guide to email marketing that you can use today:

  • Build your email list. Before you can grow a sizeable email list, you would first need to ask for permission. You can’t just spam people with emails because that is not a good way to do initiate business at all. There are many legit ways to obtain email addresses. It boils down to good copywriting skills and timing. You would of course need a catchy call to action and a strong sales copy that will help them opt in. It is important that you know the purpose for asking for email addresses. People don’t just give away their own email address which is why you need to be brilliant and creative with getting them to leave their email addresses. You can entice them with lead magnets like free downloads, ebooks, coupons, consultations, or whitepapers. This definitely works like a gem each time.
  • Set expectations and meet them. If you started with a strong call to action, then you would need to do consistent follow-ups. Autoresponders can help you build consistency in this arena. If you promised your subscribers daily updates then you need to meet their expectations or else your email campaign is bound to fail.
  • Pitch on cue. Amazon is an expert on providing their users value depending on user behavior and activity. They don’t send out offers blindly instead they send newsletters or promotions depending on user preference. If you want to pitch or do that sales talk, you should send out offers that are relevant to users.
  • Analytics and segmentation. It is important to track subscriber response to your email. The three important analytics that you have to check regularly are the following: open rate, unsubscribes, and click-through rate. Your open rate will reveal a lot about your level of relationships and engagement with subscribers. The click-through rate also shows a lot about whether your advertising copies are targeted enough or would need tweaking. The unsubscribes will determine whether you are doing your email campaign right or would need some improvement. Lastly, you would need to segment or divide your list to provide them targeted communications depending on their needs and preferences.

To get started with an email marketing campaign, you would need two things – an opt-in form and an email marketing service. Your opt-in form should be simple yet compelling enough so that it converts. Proper placement is key to targeted conversions. Email marketing has been an indispensable tool for many businesses. Your email list is packed with value and with the right email campaign in place, the costs for growing your email list will eventually pay for itself.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Your business won’t see the light of day without a digital marketing strategy in place. This is a very important facet of a brand’s marketing strategy. This is not just solely for businesses online but even the brick-and-mortar businesses. This is especially an advantage to startups or small businesses who wanted to inculcate brand awareness and virtual presence; although any business of all sizes would definitely need a digital marketing strategy in place to keep up with the competition.

Small businesses would usually combine local advertising with digital marketing strategies to expand or widen its reach online. It is important to adapt to the changing needs of this digital generation and embrace the new media or marketing scheme that helps maximize your brand presence online.

Digital marketing strategies help drive internet traffic to your site. It is a priority nowadays for website to be created mobile-friendly or with a responsive design that attracts eyeballs and also highly functional and easy to navigate using your mobile device or smartphone. Around 42% of user or customer traffic comes from mobile devices and this number is likely to rise in the coming years.

Digital marketing is a combination of different strategies such as social media marketing, website design, email marketing, SEO, and online advertising. Here are the top digital marketing strategies that can fuel up business success:

  • Content Marketing. Content is still king despite the influence of social media and other digital media strategies. Providing your customers useful and up-to-date information about your products and services will help you get more sales. Having an effective content marketing strategy will help you gain the trust and confidence of your customers while also boosting your reputation and credibility in the long run. Customers will look at you as an authority or expert. Content marketing used to be in the form of pamphlets and brochures; but now this became more versatile and available in different forms like in text, images, and videos.
  • Email Marketing. The list is very important for any business. Building a good list is the key to an effective email marketing strategy. You need to build and grow a list of prospects or customers with their names and emails which they have opted in themselves. This list becomes very valuable over time because these are people who actually interested to buy from you.
  • Social Media Marketing. While this may look very easy to mesh with our business as we’re practically using social media daily, this can in fact be a tricky feat. Yes, expert or not, integrating social media marketing into your overall marketing strategy needs some experimentation. The use of social media would depend on your type of business. Social media has a powerful impact that it can effectively strengthen your customer base with daily promotions and engagement on your page.

Any business type would definitely need these digital marketing strategies in place to attract more customers. Local SEO or local search has also become very effective in targeting people within the area. Additionally, you site should be optimized for mobile users because people nowadays are always looking into what provides them a convenient, easy, and hassle-free user experience while shopping.

How To Create A Better User Experience On Your Website?

Building and designing websites have now turned into both an art and science. User experience (UX) looks into the accessibility, usability, and efficiency of interactions happening on your website. Crafting your website with user experience design is likened to being an architect that designs and builds your home from scratch. Designing better user experience on your website is similar to putting together a blueprint to outline the details and functionality of your site.

Improving the flow of your website also enhances user experience. With the designs, you need to think about or factor in the individuals who will be browsing your site. You need to look into individual user personas. Web interfaces should be easy to use and has a consistent flow. This helps the users move through the content pages. Remove dead ends and make sure that you are using an interface that is common and familiar to a regular user.

Here are the tips on how to create a better user experience on your website:

  • Fast loading speed. Be wary of delays that would span longer than just a few seconds as this will make users decide to leave the website. The actual perception of website speed is dependent on the waiting time, load time, smoothness of the animation, and load behavior. Ideally, the website text should load first before the images so that users would be able to start reading before the images complete. Perception matters to users. If your site feels fast even if it’s just mere perception then that is a plus point for your brand. Speed is important in loading sites because this helps you achieve your goals on the site right away.
  • Optimized for mobile. It is best to use single taps on your site’s mobile design. Ideally, the touch target on mobile should be 1cm x 1cm. The text and images should not be too small and must be large enough for easy navigation and scrolling.
  • Using links. Product reviews and images should always be clickable. Make sure that each link is live and working. The links on your website must stand out so make sure to underline or use blue text for emphasis. More so, the links should always look as is.
  • Search field. There should always be a search field on any website for filtering content. Search icons should always appear in a form of a text box when using a desktop. For mobile, the search icon would be most suitable. Position this on the right top corner for visibility. Make sure that the search field would be easy to find in all platforms.
  • Content placement is key. You must place the top priority content on top of the page. This would vary depending on the platform and analytics for each. The most important or latest information must be highlighted visually for emphasis. Use contrasts in size and color on your website. Location and emergency information are considered very important especially for mobile users.

This is said to be a scanning or skimming generation. People would usually scan the pages first before deciding whether it’s worth reading or sharing. Make sure that you create a better user experience for your visitors to make your website stand out from competition, create conversions, and gain repeat customers.

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